Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hometown Glory

Listening to my ‘Tunes’ playlist on Grooveshark (I’ve switched over from Spotify because they are greedy jerks), the fresh, edgy tones of Adele’s voice begin to delight my ears, and I soon clock that the song is ‘Hometown Glory’. Essentially, this song talks about how much Adele loves her home town, and how living there has shaped her life and experiences.

Pretty deep stuff.

So, I began to think about my hometown: Hayes, West London. My favourite thing about Hayes (or more accurately, ’ayes) is probably the smell of coffee from the NestlĂ© factory. Genuinely.

To be frank, Hayes is a hole. One of the famous inhabitants of Hayes was literary genius George Orwell, who was a teacher in a school located opposite my home church. He apparently hated his time in Hayes calling it ‘one of the most godforsaken places I have ever struck.’ Hmm. A little harsh, but I totally get where he’s coming from.

However, in every cloud, there is a silver lining, and in my cloud that is Hayes, the silver lining is the city of London.

London is so often under-appreciated by those who live there, myself included. I take for granted the landmarks which people travel all over the world to see, the amazing cultural diversity, and the incredible history that permeates each street and alleyway.

Lack of appreciation aside, I love London. Whether it’s exploring the markets in Covent Garden, shopping on Oxford Street, tucked in a corner of Gowar Street Waterstones, strolling along the Southbank, picnicking in one of the many parks, watching a play or simply having a coffee with a friend, I love it. It has inspired my love for art and literature, as well as satifying my social requirements. It is exciting, it is vibrant, it is home.

The reason I’ve just gone on a crazy London-loving ramble, is because Adele isn’t talking about her Home TOWN at all. She’s talking about her Home CITY (if you don’t believe me, check out the line: ‘I love it in the city...’ Damning evidence.)

I’m not going to hate on Adele for this apparent mistake, because, frankly, she can call the song whatever she likes; she’s an artist, she can do that. Also, she wrote it in ten minutes. And she loves London. Maximum respect.

To sum up – love Grooveshark, love London, love Adele. There is a lot of love here today.